hey ho i'm on a temporary hiatus for many reasons
  • i'm having a hard time with finding a new theme
  • i feel like i barely have time on here anymore
  • i'm slipping away from the beatles/classic rock fandom
  • fandoms are DUMB
  • and finally... no one even cares to acknowledge my posts (even if they are my face- other peoples selfies get like 54622 bajillion notes and i'm just done with this shit)
    so who knows this might be it, i might be back with a whole new re-invented blog, and url and shit so yeah blah david bowies bulge.
    drop me a line (which i'm not counting on) and who knows, you might see me again, maybe.
    toodles, laura xx |
  • 'The Lovely Linda'

    RIP September 24 1941- April 17 1998

    you will always inspire me

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